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    Sub-Group List


    JAHE provides an opportunity for member families to participate in a graduation ceremony to celebrate with their families the accomplishments of their children. For information, contact the organization's Secretary.

    Monthly Mom's Group

    Monthly Mom's groups are a chance for homeschool moms to get together and share ideas, challenges, successes and much more. For more information, contact our member care coordinator, Jennifer Walsh.

    Homeschool Band

    The emphasis is on providing band experience for homeschooled students who are in 5th grade and above. For information, contact the coordinator.

    PIONEERS Co-op

    Tutorial service with weekly classes meant to supplement the home curriculum for middle and high school. more info

    Sports Opportunities

    Sports opportunities currently include girls basketball (middle and high school), girls volleyball (middle and high school), and boys basketball (upper elementary, middle and high school). For information, contact the Athletic Director.

    Young Explorers

    Young Explorers provides hands-on units studies for preschool through middle school students. For information, click here or contact the coordinator.


    For information about any of these Small Groups either send an email to the organization's Secretary, leave a voice message at (517) 783-9378 or send a letter requesting information about Small Groups to:

    Jackson Area Home Educators
    P.O. Box 6380
    Jackson, MI 49204