College Preparation for Homeschool Students

College Preparation for Homeschool Students

Kathy DePree, a homeschooling mother and speaker at the 2004 INCH Convention has graciously allowed JAHE to provide the material that was presented in an effort to assist fellow homeschooling parent prepare their children for college. This information is furnished here with the permission of Kathy DePree.

Whether or not your children are going to college, providing their High School Transcripts in a professionally organized manner can be very beneficial in their post high school pursuits. Below are three transcript templates. The first is an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded for free. The second and third transcript templates are in a PDF format that can be filled our and filled out by hand. If you identify any changes that can be made to improve it please send an email to

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Promise Scholarship — Up to $4000 to Michigan High School Graduates

Public Act 479 of 2006 signed into law by Governor Granholm on December 21, 2006, provides up to $4,000 to high school graduates for successfully completing two years of post secondary education beginning with the high school graduating class of 2007.

To be eligible, 11th grade high school students who are residents of Michigan take the state assessment test; Michigan Merit Examination for the Class of 2008 and beyond, MEAP for the Class of 2007.

Visit Contact the Michigan Promise scholarship program, Office of Scholarships and Grants, at the toll-free number 1-888-4-GRANTS (1-888-447-2687) or e-mail

Michigan High School Testing Information

Michigan Merit Examination (MME) - The Michigan Merit Examination is the state assessment administered to all students enrolled in Grade 11 in March of each year. The MME consists of three major components: the ACT college entrance examination, the WorkKeys job skills assessments in reading and mathematics, and Michigan assessments in mathematics, science, social studies, and persuasive writing.

The exam will provide students with a free ACT college entrance exam score that can be used to apply to college. In other words, you no longer have to pay to have your child take the ACT. Students will be allowed one free retake of the MME if they did not qualify for the Michigan Promise scholarship.

For students in the Class of 2008 and beyond, taking the Michigan Merit Examination will ensure they are eligible for the $4,000 Michigan Promise scholarship which can be used to pay for college or technical and trade schools.

Students who pass the MME mathematics, reading, writing and science components, with a score of 1100 or more, will qualify for early installment payments versus a lump sum payment after they complete their sophomore year with a 2.5 grade point average or better. Students in the Class of 2007, can qualify for the scholarship based on the MEAP.

Home-schooled students who are juniors in order to participate in the MME in March 2008, need to contact their local public high school and identify themselves as a home-schooled student who wants to participate in the MME. Students will take the MME in the local public high school where they reside.

For More Information on the MME -

For more information:
Michigan Office of Scholarships and Grants

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